from Self Love & Dating Coach, Evin Rose

    • Exploring the surprising impacts of your Self Worth on your dating life & relationships— including the most common self-sabotaging patterns that get in your way

    • A feel-good envisioning practice for meeting your future, worthy AF self, and connecting to your deepest desires

    • The actionable pathway to breaking through low self worth patterns, so you can start showing up in your love life (and beyond!) as the worthy woman that you are!

            Pssst: on day 3, there's an exclusive, time-sensitive invitation that you do NOT want to miss! ;)

    I’m a bubble bath & dark chocolate aficionado, self growth-junkie, musical theater nerd, and Self Love + Dating Coach helping women to create the love-filled lives we all deserve (from the inside-out!). 

    But let me back up a second: 

    For years, I put on a front that I had it all together...

    But secretly I was struggling with insecurities and always trying to “fix” myself, whether trying to lose weight (it was never enough), achieve more, create the “coolest” dating app profile, or comparing myself to friends who were “ahead” in their love lives and feeling like there must be something wrong with me...

    In other words: I never felt like I was enough, just as I was.

    I was always seeking validation outside myself, which led to an exhausting cycle of people-pleasing, weak boundaries, and dimming down my authentic self…

    And you know my dating life & relationships (more like “situation-ships” at the time) reflected my struggling relationship with myself. 

    Everything changed-- like 1-effin’-80-- once I finally did the work to upgrade my relationship with ME,

    which unlocked all of the confidence, freedom, and deep, juicy connection throughout my life that only I could create.

    That, my friend, is why I do the work that I do now. I became a certified coach back in 2016, and have poured my heart into my programs, courses, retreats, and contributions to top podcasts and publications like the LA Times.

    I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of women step into their worthiness and personal power, to fall in love with their full selves, and to experience loving relationships beyond their wildest dreams as a result. Honestly, nothing makes me happier!

    I created my empowering course, Wake Up Your Worth, as an accessible, step-by-step pathway for women who are ready to experience the inherent worthiness that is already within you-- we just need to wake it up!

    Don’t worry— you’ll learn more about that in the Day 3 Video, including an exclusive invitation (think: savings + bonuses!) just for you ;)

    I can’t wait to see you soon, and to cheer you on along your Self Worth journey!