to create the confidence & authenticity you crave in your love life (and beyond!)

without perfectionism, self doubt, and insecurities getting in your way

Self Worth struggles are holding you back;

But it doesn't have to be this way.

For my single women who seem like they have it all together, but know deep down there’s still one piece missing in their life…

And no, it’s not the perfect partner-- although you desire that, too! 

After binging enough self-growth podcasts & Brené Brown books, you’re self aware enough to get the deeper truth:

It’s your relationship with yourself that’s dimming down the joy you could be experiencing (and keeping you from the thriving love life you desire). 

You put on the “Everything’s fine. All good. Yes, I’m up for that!” vibe to make sure you pass as the ”chill girl.”

But internally you’re stuck on the nauseating external validation rollercoaster, complete with endless loops like people-pleasing, accepting less-than-awesome treatment, silencing your needs and putting everyone else above yourself…

I know-- I’ve so been there!

But I want you to know that it’s not your fault.

Because here’s the problem, babe: 

You’ve been conditioned to believe some super damaging ideas about what will make you worthy, like:

  • Your worth depends on external factors: your achievements, your looks, your relationship status, and of course how you compare to everyone else
  • The closer to “perfect” you are, the worthier you are of love. You better hide your imperfections, your flaws, your emotions, your needs-- those will scare people off!
  • Other people’s perceptions of you, reactions to you, texting you back or not… that’s all a reflection of YOU and your worth. Enter: fear of rejection, big time.

Under those (cough, BS) conditions, it’s literally impossible to accept and embrace all of who you are, to show up authentically in your life, to confidently express your needs and desires…

Which is, ironically, EXACTLY what you need to be able to do to create the deep connection & thriving relationships you crave!

But first, are you ready for some real talk?

There's no "perfect" (body, personality, achievements, etc.) that will get you the love you want.


Let's look at how that plays out:



So babe, if you look at your dating experiences and relationships as a mirror for you, what do you see??

And by the way-- you can apply these same principles to your friendships, your career, and every area of your life, because Self Worth is the foundation for all of our experiences.

Maybe this is blowing your mind, or maybe you’re like...

“Yep, I’ve known for a while that I need to upgrade my self worth, but nothing I’ve tried has stuck. SOS!

You’ve probably tried really hard, maybe for years, to:

1. Deepen your self worth with quick fixes/external factors, hoping that if you just got into better shape or achieved that next goal, you’d finally feel confident.

^^ Tough love time: You’ll always be on the self worth rollercoaster if you keep trying to change things on the outside; it’s time to cultivate unconditional worthiness from within.

2. Consume all the self help books & podcasts, follow along with inspirational IG content, maybe even use an affirmation or two… which might give you quick dopamine hits, but doesn’t create real or lasting change.

If you’re thinking, “Evin, I’m a little freaked out by how inside my head you are...?!

Then I bet you’re really effin’ ready to actually do the inner work with actionable, step-by-step guidance, so you can break free from this cycle once and for all-- right?

I’m here to help you finally ditch those self-sabotaging patterns, to step into the unshakable worthiness that’s waiting for you, and to enjoy the freakin’ journey ;)


Well hello, love!

Evin Rose here; bubble bath & dark chocolate aficionado, self growth-junkie, musical theater nerd, and Dating Coach helping women to create the love-filled lives we all deserve (from the inside-out!). 

But let me back up a second: 

For years, I put on a front that I had it all together...

But secretly I was struggling with insecurities and always trying to “fix” myself, whether trying to lose weight (it was never enough), achieve more, create the “coolest” dating app profile, or comparing myself to friends who were “ahead” in their love lives and feeling like there must be something wrong with me...

In other words: I never felt like I was enough, just as I was.

I was always seeking validation outside myself, which led to an exhausting cycle of people-pleasing, weak boundaries, and dimming down my authentic self…

And you know my dating life & relationships (more like “situation-ships” at the time) reflected my struggling relationship with myself. 

Everything changed-- like 1-effin’-80-- once I finally did the work to upgrade my relationship with ME, which unlocked all of the confidence, freedom, and deep, juicy connection throughout my life that only I could create.

That, my friend, is why I do the work that I do now. I became a certified coach back in 2016, and have poured my heart into my programs, courses, retreats, and contributions to top podcasts and publications like the LA Times.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of women step into their worthiness and personal power, to fall in love with their full selves, and to experience loving relationships beyond their wildest dreams as a result. Honestly, nothing makes me happier!

I created Wake Up Your Worth as an accessible, step-by-step pathway for women who are ready to experience the inherent worthiness that is already within you-- we just need to wake it up!

I hope you’ll join me inside,

“Thanks to coaching with Evin, I’m now in the most wonderful, fulfilling, exciting, intimate relationship that I've ever’s the best feeling ever!"

I finally have the tools to cultivate the relationship I've always wanted, but that felt so out of reach. I used to choose these unavailable guys who would never commit, because on some level that’s all I thought I deserved… and I was so afraid of asking for what I really wanted and needed that I’d stick around far too long. With Evin's support, I was able to let all that go, and fully appreciate that I was worthy and deserving of a man who honestly treats me like a queen!

I hope this doesn't sound too dramatic, but I have no doubt that Evin changed my life. I am in a completely different space than I was when I met her, and I will forever be grateful for the profound impact she had on me.

- Piper, Los Angeles, CA


  • You’re feeling the weight-off-your-shoulders ease of knowing that
    you are enough just as you are, without your worthiness depending
    on anyone else or anything outside of yourself. Whew!
  • You are your #1 priority: Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re meeting
    your own needs, filling up your cup first, and protecting your energy
    with self-honoring boundaries
  • You’re able to show up in your love life (and all your relationships) with full authenticity, which means you’ll only be available for the highest-quality
    experiences with people who can meet you at your new level of self worth ;)
  • You can feel proud instead of cringey when someone asks about your dating life
  • You can say what’s really on your mind-- at work, with friends,
    in all your relationships
  • You’ll have the courage to connect and be vulnerable, even when it’s hard
  • You’ll have the confidence to walk away when something doesn’t actually feel right, without the fears of, “but what if I don’t find anyone else?” keeping you stuck
  • You’re able to fully receive compliments, opportunities, exceptional treatment, and everything else you desire, because you’re worth it!

The journey from "I'm not enough" to unshakable worthiness doesn't have to be a super heavy, years-long process. I've created the 10-week step-by-step pathway to your future self (that you'll actually enjoy)

to create the authentic love (and life!) you crave

The Wake Up Your Worth course journey
includes everything you need to:

  • Cultivate magnetic self worth from within, so that you can finally be at ease with yourself, knowing that you are enough just as you are. Instead of thinking “Do they like me?,” you’ll be asking “Do I want to invest in this person?”
  • Reclaim the power that you’ve been giving away to fear-based patterns like comparison, people-pleasing, fear of rejection, perfectionism, and loosey goosey (or non-existent!) boundaries; no more saying “Yes” when you’re actually a “No”
  • Learn to show up for YOU and your desires, fully and unapologetically! Stay true to your values, pursue
    opportunities with confidence, and create the loving self-relationship that is the foundation for
    everything else
    you desire to call into your life-- including your dream relationship ;)

"As soon as I found Evin, I knew she was different from other coaches."

She wasn’t trying to fit me into a certain mold or to help me “get a man;” instead, she helped me figure out who I truly am, and how to love and accept myself, so that I could set new empowering standards for myself and my dating life. 

After letting go of my negative self-image, I no longer see dating as stressful or daunting, and I’m not focused on someone else “choosing me” or avoiding rejection at all costs. I’m putting myself first and I’m choosing me-- because I know now that I’m awesome, and I’m worth it! 

Honestly, I’m just so happy that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders (and off my heart!). I think everyone deserves to have this feeling, this lightness, this authenticity. I hope you’ll choose to take this journey, too.. I promise you won’t regret it!

- Soleil, Chicago, IL



cultivating inner self worth

We kick off powerfully with an uplifting mindset makeover, releasing all those external conditions you’ve been relying on to define your worth, and guiding you to see your own inherent worthiness from within. You’ll learn how to use supportive self talk & exceptional self treatment to reinforce your worthiness every damn day!

  • Uproot all the external measures of your worth, and discover your Core Values (enter: unconditional worthiness from within)
  • The #1 simple, powerful practice you'll use to remind yourself of your worth; tough body image days or even getting ghosted can't touch you!
  • Supercharge your self care game so you can treat yourself like the deserving woman you are.
  • Ditch the Inner Critic to dim the self-judgement and "shhhh" the critical voice in your head.
  • Self-validation here you come! Learn to channel your Inner Cheerleader, who knows you’re worthy just as you are-- and that you're a f*cking CATCH!


reclaiming your power

We’ll explore & breakthrough the top 4 self-sabotaging
patterns where you’re giving your power away, so you can
stay solid in yourself as you show up fully for YOU.

Get ready to say “BOY BYE” to:

  • PERFECTIONISM: That “I’m not ____ enough”
    mindset has got to go, so you can embrace
    ALL of your perfectly imperfect, authentic self
  • THE COMPARISON TRAP: Self-affirming tools to look 
    comparison in the face and say “we’re not going there!”, 
    and to even find inspiration instead of angst in jealousy!
  • FEAR OF REJECTION: Once you realize rejection has 
    nothing to do with you or your worth, you can show up
    freely and confidently for everything you desire
  • WEAK BOUNDARIES: It’s time to own your “No,” so that you
    can honor your needs, protect your energy (and your heart!),
    reclaim that power! Spoiler: healthy relationships
    depend on healthy boundaries ;)


embodying your worth...

and setting the standards for your future love life (and beyond)!

We’ll deepen and integrate all your new worthiness mindsets with powerful EMBODIMENT practices, and a crystal clear vision of how you’ll be showing up for yourself and your desires from this day forward!

  • Bring this gorgeous worthiness work down into the core of who you are with movement & embodiment practices-- so that nothing and no one can take this growth away from you!
  • Tap into appreciation and unconditional approval for your body, so you can feel at ease in your skin.
  • Time to write your vows… to you! Empowered by clear and loving commitments to yourself, there’s no doubt that your next-level worthiness will create next-level experiences in life & love!

BONUS: For those wobbly moments when you need a loving reminder, I’m sending you off with my guided worthiness meditation, so you can bring yourself right back to the empowered, perfectly imperfect, and always worthy woman that you are <3

This is super special…


When you enroll now, you're getting an incredible bonus:

Evin's "YOU ARE ENOUGH" Meditation

to instantly soothe, affirm, and remind you that you’re worthy just as you whenever you need it.

Are you ready to

  • Empowering video lessons: loving & transformational lessons from Evin over 10 life-changing weeks (valued at $997)
  • Breakthrough Practices Workbook:  Downloadable guides with loving reminders, transformational exercises, practices & tools for every lesson (valued at $797)
  • Self Worth in Action Plan: Weekly action steps to create tangible breakthroughs + integrate what you’re learning into your life (valued at $597)
  • Q+A Safe Space: to share your ah-ha moments, ask Evin anything & receive personalized answers, and interact with other women sharing the journey (valued at $397)
  • Bonus: Evin’s Worthiness Meditation-- to instantly soothe, affirm, and remind you that you’re worthy just as you whenever you need (valued at $97)

The Wake Up Your Worth course journey has a Total Value of $2,885, but you’re invited to claim your spot today for just:


(best value!)









"Since starting Wake Up Your Worth, my self worth and confidence have skyrocketed, and I feel so much ease where I used to feel anxiety!

Before this course, I never felt confident speaking up for my needs or setting boundaries that honored myself, and it created a ton of anxiety for me in my friendships, dating life and relationships (or "situation-ships," really!).

Thanks to Wake Up Your Worth, I'm finally showing up for myself and my needs, and making choices that make me happy! I’ve seen huge shifts in my mindset (including knowing that I'm a total catch!), that have made honoring myself so much easier.

Each lesson was powerful and eye-opening for me, and compared to what I’ve learned in therapy, the way Evin delivers the lessons and exercises makes it SO much easier to understand and actually incorporate into my life.

I’ve honestly always been skeptical of these kinds of courses.. But this really changed my life for the better-- and in so many more areas than just dating. I'm so grateful!

If you’re considering joining the course, I can’t recommend it enough!"

- Cherilyn, Chicago, IL

"In Wake Up Your Worth, I learned to value myself for all of the things that make me a wonderful person, and to get over my fear of disappointing people so that I can honor myself and communicate my boundaries with confidence!

Prior to this course, I was really self-critical, and I used to tie my worth to my looks or to a number on the scale. I always put others' feelings before my own, and worried that prioritizing myself was selfish. 

I knew I had to learn to create a loving relationship with myself before I could fully benefit from other relationships... the problem was, I just didn't know where to start. This course gave me everything I needed to do just that!

I’m a nurse and my schedule is crazy, so I loved that I could go through the lessons on my own time. I also love that I can share and connect with other women inside the course, and that I can even ask Evin questions under each lesson and she’ll respond with her personal guidance and support. You can tell how much Evin really cares about our growth, it’s just amazing!

I can’t say enough about how powerful this journey changed my Self Worth and confidence, and I encourage you to not hold yourself back from enrolling!” 

Patience, Montreal, Canada

Is this Self Worth wake-up call the perfect fit you?

Wake Up Your Worth isn’t for everyone! Let’s make sure that the course journey is a magical fit for you:


  • You’re a single woman who seemingly has it all together, but your confidence and fulfillment in your love life just doesn’t match up
  • You’re self aware: You can articulate some of your patterns and even where you might be getting in your own way, but you’re ready to turn your awareness into action and breakthrough those patterns once and for all
  • You’re growth-minded: You’re not just here to find a partner, any partner; you really desire inner transformation, and to become the best, most authentic YOU that you know you can be
  • You’re DONE trying to piece it all together on your own. You’ve tried to kick the “I’m not enough” syndrome on your own-- with self help books, podcasts, journaling.. You’re ready to dive in deeper so you can create real transformation in just 10 weeks!



  • You’re willing to stay stuck in the low self worth cycle for years to come: You’re resigned to being your own worst critic, searching for validation outside yourself, people-pleasing > setting healthy boundaries, and accepting whatever treatment comes your way in your dating life.
  • You already feel worthy AF: You’re super comfortable in your authentic self, and confident in showing up (and speaking up!) for everything you desire
  • You want a band-aid dating strategy: You’re looking for “the 5 texts to get the guy,” or other gimmicks to get your dating life to look a certain way, rather than taking responsibility for your own happiness and addressing the root of the issue
  • You want a fluffy course that’s all #goodvibesonly: There are times we’ll use mantras and affirmations in an authentic and powerful way, but this is not just a quick-hit of positivity, “love yourself, girl!,” kinda course; this is the real deal ;)

the time is now, BABE!

If you’re ready to finally ditch your self worth struggles and show up confidently in your life, Wake Up Your Worth is ready to guide you every step of the way.

It’s time to breakthrough those old patterns that you know are no longer serving you; self doubt, perfectionism, body insecurity, constant comparison, people-pleasing, seeking validation outside yourself… it’s exhausting, and robbing you of the joy, the ease, the LOVE that’s waiting for you.

Your next-level self, the one who OWNS her inherent worthiness, who honors herself, her desires, her needs first, who’s ready to show up whole-heartedly and receive the next-level experiences she desires?

She’s waiting to meet you.

All that’s left is for you to say “yes” to yourself. Will you do it?!


When you honor your worth,
all of your desires become possible.

Give yourself the gift of this empowering journey today;
your future self will thank you!

Qs women asked before saying
"Wake Up My Worth!"

Are you ready to

  • Empowering video lessons: loving & transformational lessons from Evin over 10 life-changing weeks (valued at $997)
  • Breakthrough Practices Workbook:  Downloadable guides with loving reminders, transformational exercises, practices & tools for every lesson (valued at $797)
  • Self Worth in Action Plan: Weekly action steps to create tangible breakthroughs + integrate what you’re learning into your life (valued at $597)
  • Q+A Safe Space: to share your ah-ha moments, ask Evin anything & receive personalized answers, and interact with other women sharing the journey (valued at $497)

The Wake Up Your Worth course journey has a Total Value of $2,885, but you’re invited to claim your spot today for just:


(best value!)









One last thing:

You deserve this.

I hope to see you inside!

© 2021 Evin Rose Coaching